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Slay By Shayy

Slay By Shayy Gift Card

Slay By Shayy Gift Card

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Sometimes finding the perfect presents means letting them pick it out themselves. That’s where Slay By Shayy's Gift Cards come in handy! Whether you’re shopping for your family, friends or significant other, a Slay By Shayy's Gift Card is always appreciated. You can choose a custom amount or pick from $10, $50, $100 or $500 values.

Looking for instant gratification or are a last-minute shopper (no judgment, we’ve all been there)? In either case, a digital gift card is perfect! You simply send it to the recipient’s email address, choose the amount and it should arrive in their inbox within 24 hours—super easy! You also have the option to make it personal, literally. For a little extra, you can upload a photo to feature on the gift card plus a greeting card to place it inside. Best of all? It will be shipped for free!

Slay By Shayy's offers a variety of designs available both online and inside the store. From holiday themes to birthdays to weddings, there’s something for almost every occasion. Online, you even have the option to ship the gift card.
Stumped on what to give a special someone? Take a look at our gift cards for multiple occasions.

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