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Slay By Shayy

Parting Comb

Parting Comb

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This Slay By Shayy Parting Comb is great to get the precise parting of any desired hairstyle. The heat resistant comb helps you silk the hair without the heat melting the comb. From Braids to Wig, this comb got you covered!! 


Care Instructions

Gently brush the hair with a detangling brush to avoid tangles and breakage.

Detangle the hair before washing.

Gently wash hair in warm water using a gentle, moisturising shampoo.

Rinse using warm water.

Condition the hair, once again not scrunching the hair.

Once you have washed and treated the hair we recommend air-drying it. To do this, gently pat with a dry towel and leave to stand.

Apply a dry oil and brush through gently.

Tip:In order to maintain the quality of hair ensure you use a hair mask once a week. And remember, if you heat-style the hair, use a heat protectant.

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