About Us

Welcome to Slay By Shayy


Our Mission:

Beauty Begins The Moment You Decide To Be Yourself. 

Slay By Shayy is a New York based company whose Mission is to assure you the Best Quality HD Lace Wigs & Best Blinged out Hot Tools, for your personal use. SBS brings the Fairy Magic to all the ladies Needs and Wants to feel beautiful.

Our Founder:

Shauna McCrea (Shayy Soprano) a 21 year-old Entrepreneur, Host, & Music Artist, holds an Associates Degree in Theatre and going for her Bachelors in Music & Business Admin. The founder designed Slay By Shayy for others to understands the importance of feeling beautiful inside and out .

Our Values:

We value top quality products and will ensure you have an amazing experience with our luscious hair & hot tools !

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Thank you for choosing to shop with Slay By Shayy !!

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