Welcome to Slay By Shayy!

Welcome to Slay By Shayy!

Welcome to Slay By Shayy!

Are you looking for some BEAUTIFUL hair accessories or BLINGED OUT hot tools? Slay By Shayy has you covered! I was so excited to have the opportunity to interview the founder, Shayy Soprano, discussing her journey with her business, what keeps her up and going, and more!


Q: When was the moment you decided you wanted to start a business?


S: When I saw my potential in sales, working with companies like Victoria Secret and Macy’s showed that I had great customer service experience.


Q: What are some lessons you learned when you started your business?


S: If one method doesn’t work try another one. Do not give up under any circumstances ! Strangers will support you more than your own. Make sure that they get tired of seeing your product that they eventually fold. Great marketing goes a long way!


Q: How do you stay motivated?


S: By following people on my Instagram with the same mentality as me. Seeing them strive motivates me to strive.


Q: Describe Slay By Shayy in 3 words & Why?


S: Courageous, Dynamite, and Perfect. I choose these 3 words because Slay By Shayy ensures that you have the best experience, having you leave out better than how you came in. The extra mile that our professional customer service goes shows it all.


Q: How has the pandemic affect your business? Do you feel like it pushed you in a way or gave you some to think about new ideas for your business?


S: The pandemic was actually a huge help to my business, I was able to do a pop up shop and meet my overall goal on sales. I felt like the pandemic push me to know that this is where it’s at and there is no turning back.


Q: What are some of Slay By Shayy’s goals ?


S: If you talk about your wish it will never come true (wink)


Q: What advice would you give to anyone that is starting their business?


S: PLAN OUT EVERY DETAIL , I’m even thinking about hosting classes to help others on their journey!


Q: Where do you see yourself and you business in the next five years?


S: In the Top 5



Make sure to keep in touch:

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Check out www.slaybyshayy.com to check out the latest hair accessories and hot tools!

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