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SBS Hair Collection

The Slay By Shayy Hair Collection brings to you selections from 10A... 


Slay By Shayy Parting Comb Can Be Used From Braids to Wig,... 

  • Mia Torregrosa

    Are you looking for some BEAUTIFUL hair accessories or BLINGED OUT hot tools? Slay By Shayy has you covered! I was so excited to have the opportunity to interview the founder, Shayy Soprano, discussing her journey with her business, what keeps her up and going, and more!

  • Kamaria Noel

    I have always had a curling iron or flat iron but I wanted to try something new and purchase a crimper. Not only is The crimper pretty it gets hot really fast and that’s something that doesn’t happen with new technology. It was easy to use and I did a whole head in about 45 mins to an hour. I had to have patience to do my hair in this particular style though.